Namespace: config

hobs. config

Name Type Default Description
debug boolean false

Enable/Disable Hobbes.js debug messages in web console. See hobs.log

context_path string ""

URL prefix used during navigation. See hobs.navigate

action_timeout int 20000

Test action default timeout in ms.

poll_interval int 250

Default Polling interval for checking actions (in ms.). See hobs.Chaining.PollCheckStep

global_timeout int 30000

Default timeout used for hobs.actions.core.execFct execution

navigation_timeout int 3600000

Default timeout for navigation actions (in ms.). See hobs.navigate

default_win_options string "width=1220,height=900,top=30,left=30"

Default options used when Hobbes.js opens a new window (see hobs.actions.core.openWindow and hobs.TestSuite * execInNewWindow option)

pacing_delay int 0

Default pacing delay (in ms.) for testcase actions. If > 0, it will add a delay before each test actions of each testcase

global_maxretries_on_failed int 0

Number of time to re-execute a test if it fails


hobs.config.pacing_delay -

// Set pacing delay to 1/2s. (500ms)
hobs.config.pacing_delay = 500;

new hobs.TestCase('tc#1')
 // 500ms delay then,
 // 500ms delay then,
 // 500ms delay then,

// Disable pacing delay
hobs.config.pacing_delay = 0;