Class HTMLLayout

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Layout<ILoggingEvent>, ContextAware, LifeCycle

    public class HTMLLayout
    extends HTMLLayoutBase<ILoggingEvent>
    This internal logback API is not supported by AEM as a Cloud Service.
    HTMLLayout outputs events in an HTML table.

    The content of the table columns are specified using a conversion pattern. See PatternLayout for documentation on the available patterns.

    For more information about this layout, please refer to the online manual at

    • Constructor Detail

      • HTMLLayout

        public HTMLLayout()
        Constructs a PatternLayout using the DEFAULT_LAYOUT_PATTERN. The default pattern just produces the application supplied message.
    • Method Detail

      • doLayout

        public java.lang.String doLayout​(ILoggingEvent event)
        Description copied from interface: Layout
        Transform an event (of type Object) and return it as a String after appropriate formatting.

        Taking in an object and returning a String is the least sophisticated way of formatting events. However, it is remarkably CPU-effective.

        event - The event to format
        the event formatted as a String