Class JaninoEventEvaluatorBase<E>

    • Constructor Detail

      • JaninoEventEvaluatorBase

        public JaninoEventEvaluatorBase()
    • Method Detail

      • evaluate

        public boolean evaluate​(E event)
                         throws EvaluationException
        Description copied from interface: EventEvaluator
        Evaluates whether the event passed as parameter matches some user-specified criteria.

        The Evaluator is free to evaluate the event as it pleases. In particular, the evaluation results may depend on previous events.

        event - The event to evaluate
        true if there is a match, false otherwise.
        EvaluationException - may be thrown during faulty evaluation
      • getExpression

        public String getExpression()
      • setExpression

        public void setExpression​(String expression)
      • addMatcher

        public void addMatcher​(Matcher matcher)
      • getMatcherList

        public List<Matcher> getMatcherList()