Interface TimeBasedFileNamingAndTriggeringPolicy<E>

    • Method Detail

      • getElapsedPeriodsFileName

        String getElapsedPeriodsFileName()
        Return the file name for the elapsed periods file name.
      • getCurrentPeriodsFileNameWithoutCompressionSuffix

        String getCurrentPeriodsFileNameWithoutCompressionSuffix()
        Return the current periods file name without the compression suffix. This value is equivalent to the active file name.
        current period's file name (without compression suffix)
      • getArchiveRemover

        ArchiveRemover getArchiveRemover()
        Return the archive remover appropriate for this instance.
      • getCurrentTime

        long getCurrentTime()
        Return the current time which is usually the value returned by System.currentMillis(). However, for testing purposed this value may be different than the real time.
        current time value
      • setCurrentTime

        void setCurrentTime​(long now)
        Set the current time. Only unit tests should invoke this method.
        now -