Class SiftingAppenderBase<E>

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Appender<E>, ContextAware, FilterAttachable<E>, LifeCycle
    Direct Known Subclasses:

    public abstract class SiftingAppenderBase<E>
    extends AppenderBase<E>
    This appender serves as the base class for actual SiftingAppenders implemented by the logback-classic and logback-access modules. In a nutshell, a SiftingAppender contains other appenders which it can build dynamically depending on discriminating values supplied by the event currently being processed. The appender to build (dynamically) is specified as part of a configuration file.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SiftingAppenderBase

        public SiftingAppenderBase()
    • Method Detail

      • getTimeout

        public Duration getTimeout()
      • setTimeout

        public void setTimeout​(Duration timeout)
      • getMaxAppenderCount

        public int getMaxAppenderCount()
      • setMaxAppenderCount

        public void setMaxAppenderCount​(int maxAppenderCount)
      • setAppenderFactory

        public void setAppenderFactory​(AppenderFactory<E> appenderFactory)
        This setter is intended to be invoked by SiftAction. Customers have no reason to invoke this method directly.
      • setDiscriminator

        public void setDiscriminator​(Discriminator<E> discriminator)
      • getAppenderTracker

        public AppenderTracker<E> getAppenderTracker()
      • getDiscriminatorKey

        public String getDiscriminatorKey()