Interface AppenderAttachable<E>

    • Method Detail

      • addAppender

        void addAppender​(Appender<E> newAppender)
        Add an appender.
      • iteratorForAppenders

        Iterator<Appender<E>> iteratorForAppenders()
        Get an iterator for appenders contained in the parent object.
      • getAppender

        Appender<E> getAppender​(String name)
        Get an appender by name.
      • isAttached

        boolean isAttached​(Appender<E> appender)
        Returns true if the specified appender is in list of attached attached, false otherwise.
      • detachAndStopAllAppenders

        void detachAndStopAllAppenders()
        Detach and processPriorToRemoval all previously added appenders.
      • detachAppender

        boolean detachAppender​(Appender<E> appender)
        Detach the appender passed as parameter from the list of appenders.
      • detachAppender

        boolean detachAppender​(String name)
        Detach the appender with the name passed as parameter from the list of appenders.