Class ProvisioningProperties

  • public final class ProvisioningProperties
    extends Object
    The ProvisioningProperties is an utility class to read a properties file containing data for automatic provisioning.
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        public static final String PARAM_AUTOMATIC_PROVISIONING
        Request parameter name for automatic provisioning.
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        public static final String PROP_PROVISIONING_CONTAINER_FOLDER
        Name of the system property holding the parent directory of the properties file.
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        public static final String PROP_PROVISIONING_FILE_NAME
        File name of the properties file holding the provisioning data.
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      • getAutomaticProvisioningData

        public static Properties getAutomaticProvisioningData()
        Reads the provisioning properties file with the name PROP_PROVISIONING_FILE_NAME from the working directory. If the system property PROP_PROVISIONING_CONTAINER_FOLDER is set, the method attempts to read the file from there.

        The file should contain prefixed properties in the form of <servicename>.<property> (i.e.

        Properties or null if the file does not exist or can't be read.