Interface HierarchyNodeExporter

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    public interface HierarchyNodeExporter
    extends ComponentExporter
    Defines the JSON export of a hierarchical node

    This interface is aimed at being implemented by Sling Model classes that should provide a JSON export for a hierarchical node and its children.

    NOTE: Getter methods' names are all prefixed to avoid name conflicts with methods from the implementation class.

    • Method Detail

      • getExportedHierarchyType

        java.lang.String getExportedHierarchyType()
        Hierarchical type of the exported node
      • getExportedPath

        java.lang.String getExportedPath()
        Returns the path of the current node
        the exported path
      • getExportedChildren

        java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​? extends HierarchyNodeExporter> getExportedChildren()

        Returns the map of all exported children HierarchyNodeExporter of the current node

        Note: the field is added to the exported model when the map contains entries

        the map of all exported children where the key is a unique identifier such as the resource path