Class EmbeddingPermission

  • public final class EmbeddingPermission
    extends java.lang.Object
    Constants for embedding permissions.
    • Method Detail

      • interpretFSType

        public static Permission interpretFSType​(int fsType)
        Interpret the provided fsType according to tech note 5147: Font Embedding Guidelines for Adobe Third-party Developers
        fsType -
        the permissions associated with the fsType provided.
      • getType1DefaultPermission

        public static Permission getType1DefaultPermission​(java.lang.String notice,
                                                           java.lang.String fontname)
      • getCIDDefaultPermission

        public static Permission getCIDDefaultPermission​(int[] xuid)
      • getTrueTypeDefaultPermission

        public static Permission getTrueTypeDefaultPermission()
      • getDefaultWasEmbeddedPermission

        public static Permission getDefaultWasEmbeddedPermission()
      • getOCFDefaultPermission

        public static Permission getOCFDefaultPermission()