Interface Timeline

  • public interface Timeline
    A Timeline provides a collection of TimelineEvents specific to a Resource. The type of events provided is dependent on the available TimelineEventProviders registered in the system. By default the following events are provided:
    • Versioning Events
    • Workflow Events
    • Annotation Events
    A Timeline can be retrieved by adapting a resource as follows: resource.adaptTo(Timeline.class). Any resource can be adapted. Whether events are provided for a resource is decided by the event providers.
    • Method Detail

      • getEvents

        java.util.List<TimelineEvent> getEvents()
        Returns a List of all TimelineEvents available for the resource backing the timeline. If no events are found, an empty collection is returned. The list is ordered chronologically (most recent last) as per TimelineEvent.getTime(). In order to trim the result (e.g. for pagination, use getEvents().subList(start, end).
        A List of TimelineEvents, or an empty collection if no events were found.