Interface TimelineEvent

  • public interface TimelineEvent

    A TimelineEvent represents an "action" or "event" that occurred on the Resource backing the Timeline that provided this event. Timline events can only be retrieved via a Timeline. An event has a TimelineEventType. The types available are defined by the TimelineEventProviders registered in the system and may vary.

    An event's basic constituents are its type (see getType()), the time of the occurrence (see getTime()) and the action (see getAction()), and more.

    • Method Detail

      • getAction

        java.lang.String getAction()
        The name of the action that is represented by this event, e.g. "Version Created".
        A string representing the action.
      • getDescription

        java.lang.String getDescription()
        An optional description of the event, e.g. a comment's text as provided by the user.
        A string representing the action, or null if none was provided.
      • getOrigin

        java.lang.String getOrigin()
        An optional reference to the origin of this event, e.g. a path to a version, or to comment. The format of the origin is dependent on the event type.
        A string representing the origin, or null if none was provided.
      • getTime

        long getTime()
        The date and time in milliseconds this event occurred.
        A Long representing the date-time this event occurred.
      • getUserID

        java.lang.String getUserID()
        The ID of the user that caused the event.
        A string representing the user ID.