Class ComponentHelper.Options

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    public static class ComponentHelper.Options
    extends Options
    An options to be passed to the included resource's renderer.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Options

        public Options()
        Creates a new instance.
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      • rootField

        public ComponentHelper.Options rootField​(boolean flag)
        Sets true to make the renderer (the field) should render itself as root field; false otherwise.

        A root field is a field that acts in its own context, instead of as part of a composite field. For example, sizing field consists of weight and height fields. So sizing field is a composite field and wants to leverage the existing number field for width and height. In this case when sizing field is including ( ComponentHelper.include(Resource, Options)) the number field, it should set this option as false.

        The field implementation is free to interpret the exact behaviour of root/non-root field. Most likely scenario, the root field will handle it own sizing state (e.g. inline-block/block state), while non root field will not, where the parent composite field is managing it.

        rootField in class Options
        flag - the flag
        this instance
      • layoutResource

        public Resource layoutResource()
        Returns the layout resource.
        the layout resource
      • layoutResource

        public ComponentHelper.Options layoutResource​(@CheckForNull
                                                      Resource r)
        Sets the layout resource.
        r - the layout resource to set
        this instance