Class Units

  • public final class Units
    extends java.lang.Object
    Unit conversions for AXTE.

    This class handles the functions of the c++ implementation's jfTextDispUnit and jfTextDispUnitSpan classes. It provides unit and type conversions for AXTE.

    AXTE works in three different unit types:

    • jfUnitSpan - A measurement fully qualified by unit type
    • float - Representing a value measured in points (class jfTextDispUnit in the C++ implementation)
    • int - Representing a value measured in points/1000 (class jfTextDispUnitSpan in the C++ implementation)

    This class provides a number of static methods for converting units based on the conventions listed above.

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      static java.lang.String doubleToString​(double value, int decimals)  
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      • Units

        public Units()
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        public static java.lang.String doubleToString​(double value,
                                                      int decimals)