Class MarkupEngineIn

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    MarkupRtfIn, MarkupXHTMLIn

    public abstract class MarkupEngineIn
    extends MarkupIn
    Class MarkupEngineIn defines a general-purpose markup engine for handling RTF-like markup languages. Most of the actual parsing of the markup language and the sequencing of rich text generation calls to the base class (MarkupIn) occurs in this class. The derived class primarily supplies tables to drive the process.

    Unfortunately this model doesn't work well for XHTML markup. Even though the XHTML input markup engine extends this class, it does most of the processing itself.

    For more information, please see the extenral documentation.

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      void setSourceText​(java.lang.String sStrSource)
      Set the source markup string to parse.
      void translate()
      Pure virtual: Perform the markup translation.
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      • translate

        public void translate()
        Description copied from class: MarkupIn
        Pure virtual: Perform the markup translation.

        The derived class implements this to perform the actual translation from markup to rich text. Note that the derived class must be prepopulated with any translation parameters.

        Specified by:
        translate in class MarkupIn
      • setSourceText

        public void setSourceText​(java.lang.String sStrSource)
        Set the source markup string to parse.
        sStrSource - - String containing the markup to process.