Class MarkupRtfIn

  • public class MarkupRtfIn
    extends MarkupEngineIn
    This class is the RTF input markup engine. To use it, one creates an instance, passing the string to be translated in a constructor parameter. Then the engine is passed to a Markup() method on either a text stream or range.

    For more information, please see the extenral documentation.

    • Constructor Detail

      • MarkupRtfIn

        public MarkupRtfIn​(java.lang.String sStrSource,
                           MarkupAttr pMarkupAttr)
        Constructor with source string.
        sStrSource - - RTF source string to translate.
        pMarkupAttr - - (optional) Pointer to RTF translation attribute table to use instead of the default. It is strongly recommended that you leave this parameter NULL (default).
      • MarkupRtfIn

        public MarkupRtfIn​(java.lang.String sStrSource)
    • Method Detail

      • translate

        public void translate()
        Description copied from class: MarkupIn
        Pure virtual: Perform the markup translation.

        The derived class implements this to perform the actual translation from markup to rich text. Note that the derived class must be prepopulated with any translation parameters.

        translate in class MarkupEngineIn
      • defaultTypeface

        public java.lang.String defaultTypeface()
      • skipThisCommand

        public boolean skipThisCommand​(int eTag)