Interface AssetUpdate

  • public interface AssetUpdate
    An update of (part of) an asset being performed. Represents an ongoing update of an asset (or an aspect of it, such as its metadata) to be used in monitoring workflow processes and allow supervision of execution times and successes.
    • Method Detail

      • getAsset

        Asset getAsset()
        Get the asset this update is about.
        the asset being updated.
      • isIgnored

        boolean isIgnored()
      • ignore

        void ignore()
        Ignore this update in monitoring.
      • done

        void done()
        Report the upate as finished.
      • error

        void error​(java.lang.Exception ex)
        Report an error during update.
        ex - the exception that as caught, or null.
      • addJob

        void addJob​(Job job)
        Announce that a job is run as part of this update.
        job - the job that will run