Class UIHelper.ActionRelsResourceProperties

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class UIHelper.ActionRelsResourceProperties
    extends java.lang.Object
    Structs for specifying action rel filters Want to create bitmaps for fast comparison. But will be for a later todo.
    • Field Detail

      • isAssetExpired

        public boolean isAssetExpired
      • isSubAssetExpired

        public boolean isSubAssetExpired
      • isContentFragment

        public boolean isContentFragment
      • isArchive

        public boolean isArchive
      • isSnippetTemplate

        public boolean isSnippetTemplate
      • isDownloadable

        public boolean isDownloadable
      • isStockAsset

        public boolean isStockAsset
      • isStockAssetLicensed

        public boolean isStockAssetLicensed
      • isStockAccessible

        public boolean isStockAccessible
      • canFindSimilar

        public boolean canFindSimilar
    • Method Detail

      • create

        public static UIHelper.ActionRelsResourceProperties create​(boolean isAssetExpired,
                                                                   boolean isSubAssetExpired,
                                                                   boolean isContentFragment,
                                                                   boolean isArchive,
                                                                   boolean isSnippetTemplate,
                                                                   boolean isDownloadable,
                                                                   boolean isStockAsset,
                                                                   boolean isStockAssetLicensed,
                                                                   boolean isStockAccessible,
                                                                   boolean canFindSimilar)