Class WebEnabledImageCreator

  • @Deprecated
    public class WebEnabledImageCreator
    extends Object
    since 6.0, use RenditionMaker service instead
    The WebEnabledImageCreator class provides all functionality in order to create a web enabled image.
    • Method Detail

      • create

        public void create​(BufferedImage image,
                           String defaultMimetype,
                           String dimensions,
                           String keepFormat,
                           String qualityStr,
                           boolean force)
                    throws RepositoryException,
        since 6.0, use RenditionMaker service instead
        This method creates the web enabled rendition. if the force param is set to false than following check is executed: check if layer has to persisted. in case the layer is still equal than the ori file can be taken (save space).
        image - buffered image used to create web enabled image
        defaultMimetype - default output mimetype
        dimensions - comma separated string containing max. with, max. height
        keepFormat - contains all mimetypes that should be kept (instead of using the default mimetype)
        qualityStr - image quality in percent
        force - if true than the webenabled image is always created nevertheless the ori image is smaller than the requested image dimensions
        RepositoryException - in case the web rendition could not be persisted
        IOException - while processing the image