Class WorkItemAdapterFactory

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      getAdapter​(java.lang.Object adaptable, java.lang.Class<AdapterType> type)
      Adapt the given object to the adaptable type.
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      • WorkItemAdapterFactory

        public WorkItemAdapterFactory()
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      • getAdapter

        public <AdapterType> AdapterType getAdapter​(java.lang.Object adaptable,
                                                    java.lang.Class<AdapterType> type)
        Description copied from interface: AdapterFactory
        Adapt the given object to the adaptable type. The adaptable object is guaranteed to be an instance of one of the classes listed in the AdapterFactory.ADAPTABLE_CLASSES services registration property. The type parameter is one of the classes listed in the AdapterFactory.ADAPTER_CLASSES service registration properties.

        This method may return null if the adaptable object cannot be adapted to the adapter (target) type for any reason. In this case, the implementation should log a message to the log facility noting the cause for not being able to adapt.

        Note that the adaptable object is not required to implement the Adaptable interface, though most of the time this method is called by means of calling the Adaptable.adaptTo(Class) method.

        Specified by:
        getAdapter in interface AdapterFactory
        Type Parameters:
        AdapterType - The generic type of the adapter (target) type.
        adaptable - The object to adapt to the adapter type.
        type - The type to which the object is to be adapted.
        The adapted object or null if this factory instance cannot adapt the object.