Class ExternalProcessPollingEvent

    • Constructor Detail

      • ExternalProcessPollingEvent

        public ExternalProcessPollingEvent​(Map<String,​Serializable> workItemMap,
                                           Serializable externalProcessId)
        Creates a new WorkflowJob.
        workItemMap - Map item of WorkItem map to be used
        externalProcessId - External process id to be used
    • Method Detail

      • createPollingEvent

        public Event createPollingEvent​(long period,
                                        long timeoutSeconds,
                                        boolean advanceOnTimeout)
        Convenience method to create a timed event.
        period - period of time in seconds
        timeoutSeconds - timeout parameter in seconds
        advanceOnTimeout - true or false if it should advance on timeout
        Event Returns polling Event
      • createPollingCancelEvent

        public Event createPollingCancelEvent()
        Convenience method to create a cancel timed event.
        Event Returns polling cancel Event