Interface TiffHandler

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    com.drew.metadata.tiff.DirectoryTiffHandler, ExifTiffHandler, PhotoshopTiffHandler

    public interface TiffHandler
    Interface of an class capable of handling events raised during the reading of a TIFF file via TiffReader.
    • Method Detail

      • setTiffMarker

        void setTiffMarker​(int marker)
                    throws TiffProcessingException
        Receives the 2-byte marker found in the TIFF header.

        Implementations are not obligated to use this information for any purpose, though it may be useful for validation or perhaps differentiating the type of mapping to use for observed tags and IFDs.

        marker - the 2-byte value found at position 2 of the TIFF header
      • tryEnterSubIfd

        boolean tryEnterSubIfd​(int tagId)
      • hasFollowerIfd

        boolean hasFollowerIfd()
      • endingIFD

        void endingIFD()
      • tryCustomProcessFormat

        Long tryCustomProcessFormat​(int tagId,
                                    int formatCode,
                                    long componentCount)
      • warn

        void warn​(String message)
      • error

        void error​(String message)
      • setByteArray

        void setByteArray​(int tagId,
                          byte[] bytes)
      • setString

        void setString​(int tagId,
                       StringValue string)
      • setRational

        void setRational​(int tagId,
                         Rational rational)
      • setRationalArray

        void setRationalArray​(int tagId,
                              Rational[] array)
      • setFloat

        void setFloat​(int tagId,
                      float float32)
      • setFloatArray

        void setFloatArray​(int tagId,
                           float[] array)
      • setDouble

        void setDouble​(int tagId,
                       double double64)
      • setDoubleArray

        void setDoubleArray​(int tagId,
                            double[] array)
      • setInt8s

        void setInt8s​(int tagId,
                      byte int8s)
      • setInt8sArray

        void setInt8sArray​(int tagId,
                           byte[] array)
      • setInt8u

        void setInt8u​(int tagId,
                      short int8u)
      • setInt8uArray

        void setInt8uArray​(int tagId,
                           short[] array)
      • setInt16s

        void setInt16s​(int tagId,
                       int int16s)
      • setInt16sArray

        void setInt16sArray​(int tagId,
                            short[] array)
      • setInt16u

        void setInt16u​(int tagId,
                       int int16u)
      • setInt16uArray

        void setInt16uArray​(int tagId,
                            int[] array)
      • setInt32s

        void setInt32s​(int tagId,
                       int int32s)
      • setInt32sArray

        void setInt32sArray​(int tagId,
                            int[] array)
      • setInt32u

        void setInt32u​(int tagId,
                       long int32u)
      • setInt32uArray

        void setInt32uArray​(int tagId,
                            long[] array)