Class ExifTiffHandler

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    public class ExifTiffHandler
    extends com.drew.metadata.tiff.DirectoryTiffHandler
    Implementation of TiffHandler used for handling TIFF tags according to the Exif standard.

    Includes support for camera manufacturer makernotes.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ExifTiffHandler

        public ExifTiffHandler​(Metadata metadata,
                               Directory parentDirectory)
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      • setTiffMarker

        public void setTiffMarker​(int marker)
                           throws TiffProcessingException
        Description copied from interface: TiffHandler
        Receives the 2-byte marker found in the TIFF header.

        Implementations are not obligated to use this information for any purpose, though it may be useful for validation or perhaps differentiating the type of mapping to use for observed tags and IFDs.

        marker - the 2-byte value found at position 2 of the TIFF header
      • tryEnterSubIfd

        public boolean tryEnterSubIfd​(int tagId)
      • hasFollowerIfd

        public boolean hasFollowerIfd()
      • tryCustomProcessFormat

        public Long tryCustomProcessFormat​(int tagId,
                                           int formatCode,
                                           long componentCount)