Class JsonSetter.Value

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      • construct

        public static JsonSetter.Value construct​(Nulls nulls,
                                                 Nulls contentNulls)
        Factory method that may be used (although is NOT the recommended way) to construct an instance from a full set of properties. Most users would be better of starting by empty() instance and using `withXxx`/`withoutXxx` methods, as this factory method may need to be changed if new properties are added in JsonIgnoreProperties annotation.
      • empty

        public static JsonSetter.Value empty()
        Accessor for default instances which has "empty" settings; that is:
      • merge

        public static JsonSetter.Value merge​(JsonSetter.Value base,
                                             JsonSetter.Value overrides)
        Helper method that will try to combine values from two JsonSetter.Value instances, using one as base settings, and the other as overrides to use instead of base values when defined; base values are only use if override does not specify a value (matching value is null or logically missing). Note that one or both of value instances may be `null`, directly; if both are `null`, result will also be `null`; otherwise never null.
      • withOverrides

        public JsonSetter.Value withOverrides​(JsonSetter.Value overrides)
        Mutant factory method that merges values of this value with given override values, so that any explicitly defined inclusion in overrides has precedence over settings of this value instance. If no overrides exist will return this instance; otherwise new JsonSetter.Value with changed inclusion values.
      • getValueNulls

        public Nulls getValueNulls()
      • getContentNulls

        public Nulls getContentNulls()
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        public int hashCode()
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