Class JsonParserSequence

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    Versioned,, java.lang.AutoCloseable

    public class JsonParserSequence
    extends JsonParserDelegate
    Helper class that can be used to sequence multiple physical JsonParsers to create a single logical sequence of tokens, as a single JsonParser.

    Fairly simple use of JsonParserDelegate: only need to override nextToken() to handle transition

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      • createFlattened

        public static JsonParserSequence createFlattened​(boolean checkForExistingToken,
                                                         JsonParser first,
                                                         JsonParser second)
        Method that will construct a sequence (possibly a sequence) that contains all given sub-parsers. All parsers given are checked to see if they are sequences: and if so, they will be "flattened", that is, contained parsers are directly added in a new sequence instead of adding sequences within sequences. This is done to minimize delegation depth, ideally only having just a single level of delegation.
        checkForExistingToken - Flag passed to be assigned as _checkForExistingToken for resulting sequence
        first - First parser to traverse
        second - Second parser to traverse
        Sequence instance constructed
      • close

        public void close()
        Description copied from class: JsonParser
        Closes the parser so that no further iteration or data access can be made; will also close the underlying input source if parser either owns the input source, or feature JsonParser.Feature.AUTO_CLOSE_SOURCE is enabled. Whether parser owns the input source depends on factory method that was used to construct instance (so check JsonFactory for details, but the general idea is that if caller passes in closable resource (such as InputStream or Reader) parser does NOT own the source; but if it passes a reference (such as File or URL and creates stream or reader it does own them.
        Specified by:
        close in interface java.lang.AutoCloseable
        Specified by:
        close in interface
        close in class JsonParserDelegate
        Throws: - if there is either an underlying I/O problem
      • nextToken

        public JsonToken nextToken()
        Description copied from class: JsonParser
        Main iteration method, which will advance stream enough to determine type of the next token, if any. If none remaining (stream has no content other than possible white space before ending), null will be returned.
        nextToken in class JsonParserDelegate
        Next token from the stream, if any found, or null to indicate end-of-input
        Throws: - for low-level read issues, or JsonParseException for decoding problems
      • skipChildren

        public JsonParser skipChildren()
        Need to override, re-implement similar to how method defined in ParserMinimalBase, to keep state correct here.
        skipChildren in class JsonParserDelegate
        This parser, to allow call chaining
        Throws: - for low-level read issues, or JsonParseException for decoding problems
      • containedParsersCount

        public int containedParsersCount()
        Method that is most useful for debugging or testing; returns actual number of underlying parsers sequence was constructed with (nor just ones remaining active)
        Number of actual underlying parsers this sequence has