Class InjectableValues.Std

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      • findInjectableValue

        public Object findInjectableValue​(Object valueId,
                                          DeserializationContext ctxt,
                                          BeanProperty forProperty,
                                          Object beanInstance)
                                   throws JsonMappingException
        Description copied from class: InjectableValues
        Method called to find value identified by id valueId to inject as value of specified property during deserialization, passing POJO instance in which value will be injected if it is available (will be available when injected via field or setter; not available when injected via constructor or factory method argument).
        Specified by:
        findInjectableValue in class InjectableValues
        valueId - Object that identifies value to inject; may be a simple name or more complex identifier object, whatever provider needs
        ctxt - Deserialization context
        forProperty - Bean property in which value is to be injected
        beanInstance - Bean instance that contains property to inject, if available; null if bean has not yet been constructed.