Class Module

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    public abstract class Module
    extends Object
    implements Versioned
    Simple interface for extensions that can be registered with ObjectMapper to provide a well-defined set of extensions to default functionality; such as support for new data types.
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      • Module

        public Module()
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      • getModuleName

        public abstract String getModuleName()
        Method that returns a display that can be used by Jackson for informational purposes, as well as in associating extensions with module that provides them.
      • version

        public abstract Version version()
        Method that returns version of this module. Can be used by Jackson for informational purposes.
        Specified by:
        version in interface Versioned
        Version of the component
      • getTypeId

        public Object getTypeId()
        Method that returns an id that may be used to determine if two Module instances are considered to be of same type, for purpose of preventing multiple registrations of "same type of" module (see MapperFeature.IGNORE_DUPLICATE_MODULE_REGISTRATIONS) If `null` is returned, every instance is considered unique. If non-null value is returned, equality of id Objects is used to check whether modules should be considered to be "of same type"

        Default implementation returns value of class name (Class.getName()).

      • setupModule

        public abstract void setupModule​(Module.SetupContext context)
        Method called by ObjectMapper when module is registered. It is called to let module register functionality it provides, using callback methods passed-in context object exposes.
      • getDependencies

        public Iterable<? extends Module> getDependencies()
        Returns the list of dependent modules this module has, if any. It is called to let modules register other modules as dependencies. Modules returned will be registered before this module is registered, in iteration order.