Class Java7Handlers

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    public abstract class Java7Handlers
    extends java.lang.Object
    To support Java7-incomplete platforms, we will offer support for JDK 7 datatype(s) (that is, Path through this class, loaded dynamically; if loading fails, support will be missing. This class is the non-JDK-7-dependent API, and Java7HandlersImpl is JDK7-dependent implementation of functionality.
    2.10 (cleaved off of Java7Support)
    • Constructor Detail

      • Java7Handlers

        public Java7Handlers()
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      • getClassJavaNioFilePath

        public abstract java.lang.Class<?> getClassJavaNioFilePath()
      • getDeserializerForJavaNioFilePath

        public abstract JsonDeserializer<?> getDeserializerForJavaNioFilePath​(java.lang.Class<?> rawType)
      • getSerializerForJavaNioFilePath

        public abstract JsonSerializer<?> getSerializerForJavaNioFilePath​(java.lang.Class<?> rawType)