Class NopAnnotationIntrospector

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    public abstract class NopAnnotationIntrospector
    extends AnnotationIntrospector
    Dummy, "no-operation" implementation of AnnotationIntrospector. Can be used as is to suppress handling of annotations; or as a basis for simple configuration overrides (whether based on annotations or not).
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        public static final NopAnnotationIntrospector instance
        Static immutable and shareable instance that can be used as "null" introspector: one that never finds any annotation information.
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      • NopAnnotationIntrospector

        public NopAnnotationIntrospector()
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      • version

        public Version version()
        Description copied from interface: Versioned
        Method called to detect version of the component that implements this interface; returned version should never be null, but may return specific "not available" instance (see Version for details).
        Specified by:
        version in interface Versioned
        Specified by:
        version in class AnnotationIntrospector
        Version of the component