Class AsPropertyTypeDeserializer

    • Method Detail

      • forProperty

        public TypeDeserializer forProperty​(BeanProperty prop)
        Description copied from class: TypeDeserializer
        Method called to create contextual version, to be used for values of given property. This may be the type itself (as is the case for bean properties), or values contained (for Collection or Map valued properties).
        forProperty in class AsArrayTypeDeserializer
      • deserializeTypedFromAny

        public java.lang.Object deserializeTypedFromAny​(JsonParser p,
                                                        DeserializationContext ctxt)
        Description copied from class: TypeDeserializer
        Method called to let this type deserializer handle deserialization of "typed" object, when value itself may have been serialized using any kind of JSON value (Array, Object, scalar). Should only be called if JSON serialization is polymorphic (not Java type); for example when using JSON node representation, or "untyped" Java object (which may be Map, Collection, wrapper/primitive etc).
        deserializeTypedFromAny in class AsArrayTypeDeserializer