Class ContainerSerializer<T>

    • Method Detail

      • withValueTypeSerializer

        public ContainerSerializer<?> withValueTypeSerializer​(TypeSerializer vts)
        Factory(-like) method that can be used to construct a new container serializer that uses specified TypeSerializer for decorating contained values with additional type information.
        vts - Type serializer to use for contained values; can be null, in which case 'this' serializer is returned as is
        Serializer instance that uses given type serializer for values if that is possible (or if not, just 'this' serializer)
      • getContentType

        public abstract JavaType getContentType()
        Accessor for finding declared (static) element type for type this serializer is used for.
      • hasSingleElement

        public abstract boolean hasSingleElement​(T value)
        Method called to determine if the given value (of type handled by this serializer) contains exactly one element.

        Note: although it might seem sensible to instead define something like "getElementCount()" method, this would not work well for containers that do not keep track of size (like linked lists may not).

        Note, too, that as of now (2.9) this method is only called by serializer itself; and specifically is not used for non-array/collection types like Map or Map.Entry instances.