Class NonTypedScalarSerializerBase<T>

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      • serializeWithType

        public final void serializeWithType​(T value,
                                            JsonGenerator gen,
                                            SerializerProvider provider,
                                            TypeSerializer typeSer)
                                     throws IOException
        Description copied from class: StdScalarSerializer
        Default implementation will write type prefix, call regular serialization method (since assumption is that value itself does not need JSON Array or Object start/end markers), and then write type suffix. This should work for most cases; some sub-classes may want to change this behavior.
        serializeWithType in class StdScalarSerializer<T>
        value - Value to serialize; can not be null.
        gen - Generator used to output resulting Json content
        provider - Provider that can be used to get serializers for serializing Objects value contains, if any.
        typeSer - Type serializer to use for including type information