Class SerializableSerializer

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      • serializeWithType

        public final void serializeWithType​(JsonSerializable value,
                                            JsonGenerator gen,
                                            SerializerProvider serializers,
                                            TypeSerializer typeSer)
                                     throws IOException
        Description copied from class: JsonSerializer
        Method that can be called to ask implementation to serialize values of type this serializer handles, using specified type serializer for embedding necessary type information.

        Default implementation will throw UnsupportedOperationException to indicate that proper type handling needs to be implemented.

        For simple datatypes written as a single scalar value (JSON String, Number, Boolean), implementation would look like:

          // note: method to call depends on whether this type is serialized as JSON scalar, object or Array!
          typeSer.writeTypePrefixForScalar(value, gen);
          serialize(value, gen, provider);
          typeSer.writeTypeSuffixForScalar(value, gen);
        and implementations for type serialized as JSON Arrays or Objects would differ slightly, as START-ARRAY/END-ARRAY and START-OBJECT/END-OBJECT pairs need to be properly handled with respect to serializing of contents.
        serializeWithType in class JsonSerializer<JsonSerializable>
        value - Value to serialize; can not be null.
        gen - Generator used to output resulting Json content
        serializers - Provider that can be used to get serializers for serializing Objects value contains, if any.
        typeSer - Type serializer to use for including type information