Class ImmutableMultiset.Builder<E>

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    public static class ImmutableMultiset.Builder<E>
    extends ImmutableCollection.Builder<E>
    A builder for creating immutable multiset instances, especially public static final multisets ("constant multisets"). Example:
       public static final ImmutableMultiset<Bean> BEANS =
           new ImmutableMultiset.Builder<Bean>()
               .addCopies(Bean.COCOA, 4)
               .addCopies(Bean.GARDEN, 6)
               .addCopies(Bean.RED, 8)
               .addCopies(Bean.BLACK_EYED, 10)

    Builder instances can be reused; it is safe to call build() multiple times to build multiple multisets in series.

    2.0 (imported from Google Collections Library)