Interface AccessControlList

    • Method Detail

      • getAccessControlEntries

        AccessControlEntry[] getAccessControlEntries()
                                              throws RepositoryException
        Returns all access control entries present with this policy.

        This method is only guaranteed to return an AccessControlEntry if that AccessControlEntry has been assigned through this API.

        all access control entries present with this policy.
        RepositoryException - if an error occurs.
      • addAccessControlEntry

        boolean addAccessControlEntry​( principal,
                                      Privilege[] privileges)
                               throws AccessControlException,
        Adds an access control entry to this policy consisting of the specified principal and the specified privileges.

        This method returns true if this policy was modified, false otherwise.

        How the entries are grouped within the list is an implementation detail. An implementation may e.g. combine the specified privileges with those added by a previous call to addAccessControlEntry for the same Principal. However, a call to addAccessControlEntry for a given Principal can never remove a Privilege added by a previous call.

        The modification does not take effect until this policy has been set to a node by calling AccessControlManager.setPolicy(String, AccessControlPolicy) and save is performed.

        principal - a Principal.
        privileges - an array of Privileges.
        true if this policy was modify; false otherwise.
        AccessControlException - if the specified principal or any of the privileges does not exist or if some other access control related exception occurs.
        RepositoryException - if another error occurs.