Interface IDirectory

    • Method Detail

      • listFiles

        java.util.List<IFile> listFiles()
        the list of files in this directory. Files must be in this directory and not in sub-directories.
      • listAllFiles

        java.util.List<IFile> listAllFiles()
        the list of files in all directories (including sub-directories). This is the complete list.
      • getFile

        IFile getFile​(java.lang.String name)
        Gets the requested file under this directory. The file may be located any number of levels within this directory. The name is relative to this directory. If the file cannot be found it will return null.
        name - the name of the file.
        the IFile, or null if no such file exists.
      • isRoot

        boolean isRoot()
        true if this IDirectory is the root of the virtual file system.
      • toCloseable

        ICloseableDirectory toCloseable()
        Open a more effective implementation with user regulated resource management. The implementation will be more efficient for batch operations. Make sure to call close when finished with the returned IDirectory. IFiles and IDirectories other than the returned closeable directory will stay valid after calling the close method but will no longer perform as efficiently. InputStreams that are open at the time of calling close may be invalidated.
        ICloseableDirectory or null if a batch aware version of this IDirectory is not supported