Class SetUniqueList

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Iterable, Collection, List

    public class SetUniqueList
    extends AbstractSerializableListDecorator
    Commons Collections 3 is in maintenance mode. Commons Collections 4 should be used instead.
    Decorates a List to ensure that no duplicates are present much like a Set.

    The List interface makes certain assumptions/requirements. This implementation breaks these in certain ways, but this is merely the result of rejecting duplicates. Each violation is explained in the method, but it should not affect you. Bear in mind that Sets require immutable objects to function correctly.

    The ListOrderedSet class provides an alternative approach, by wrapping an existing Set and retaining insertion order in the iterator.

    This class is Serializable from Commons Collections 3.1.

    Commons Collections 3.0
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