Interface UnparseableExtraFieldBehavior

    • Method Detail

      • onUnparseableExtraField

        ZipExtraField onUnparseableExtraField​(byte[] data,
                                              int off,
                                              int len,
                                              boolean local,
                                              int claimedLength)
        Decides what to do with extra field data that doesn't follow the recommended pattern.
        data - the array of extra field data
        off - offset into data where the unparseable data starts
        len - the length of unparseable data
        local - whether the extra field data stems from the local file header. If this is false then the data is part if the central directory header extra data.
        claimedLength - length of the extra field claimed by the third and forth byte if it did follow the recommended pattern
        null if the data should be ignored or an extra field implementation that represents the data
        Throws: - if an error occurs or unparseable extra fields must not be accepted