Class X0014_X509Certificates

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    public class X0014_X509Certificates
    extends PKWareExtraHeader
    PKCS#7 Store for X.509 Certificates (0x0014).

    This field MUST contain information about each of the certificates files may be signed with. When the Central Directory Encryption feature is enabled for a ZIP file, this record will appear in the Archive Extra Data Record, otherwise it will appear in the first central directory record and will be ignored in any other record.

    Note: all fields stored in Intel low-byte/high-byte order.

             Value     Size     Description
             -----     ----     -----------
     (Store) 0x0014    2 bytes  Tag for this "extra" block type
             TSize     2 bytes  Size of the store data
             TData     TSize    Data about the store
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      • X0014_X509Certificates

        public X0014_X509Certificates()