Class DefaultFileItem

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      • DefaultFileItem

        public DefaultFileItem​(java.lang.String fieldName,
                               java.lang.String contentType,
                               boolean isFormField,
                               java.lang.String fileName,
                               int sizeThreshold,
        1.1 Use DiskFileItem instead.
        Constructs a new DefaultFileItem instance.
        fieldName - The name of the form field.
        contentType - The content type passed by the browser or null if not specified.
        isFormField - Whether or not this item is a plain form field, as opposed to a file upload.
        fileName - The original filename in the user's filesystem, or null if not specified.
        sizeThreshold - The threshold, in bytes, below which items will be retained in memory and above which they will be stored as a file.
        repository - The data repository, which is the directory in which files will be created, should the item size exceed the threshold.