Class RealMatrixImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, AnyMatrix, RealMatrix

    public class RealMatrixImpl
    extends AbstractRealMatrix
    as of 2.0 replaced by Array2DRowRealMatrix
    Implementation of RealMatrix using a double[][] array to store entries and LU decomposition to support linear system solution and inverse.

    The LU decomposition is performed as needed, to support the following operations:

    • solve
    • isSingular
    • getDeterminant
    • inverse

    Usage notes:

    • The LU decomposition is cached and reused on subsequent calls. If data are modified via references to the underlying array obtained using getDataRef(), then the stored LU decomposition will not be discarded. In this case, you need to explicitly invoke LUDecompose() to recompute the decomposition before using any of the methods above.
    • As specified in the RealMatrix interface, matrix element indexing is 0-based -- e.g., getEntry(0, 0) returns the element in the first row, first column of the matrix.

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