Interface FirstOrderIntegrator

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      • integrate

        double integrate​(FirstOrderDifferentialEquations equations,
                         double t0,
                         double[] y0,
                         double t,
                         double[] y)
                  throws DerivativeException,
        Integrate the differential equations up to the given time.

        This method solves an Initial Value Problem (IVP).

        Since this method stores some internal state variables made available in its public interface during integration (ODEIntegrator.getCurrentSignedStepsize()), it is not thread-safe.

        equations - differential equations to integrate
        t0 - initial time
        y0 - initial value of the state vector at t0
        t - target time for the integration (can be set to a value smaller than t0 for backward integration)
        y - placeholder where to put the state vector at each successful step (and hence at the end of integration), can be the same object as y0
        stop time, will be the same as target time if integration reached its target, but may be different if some EventHandler stops it at some point.
        DerivativeException - this exception is propagated to the caller if the underlying user function triggers one
        IntegratorException - if the integrator cannot perform integration