Class DefaultBrandingPlugin

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class DefaultBrandingPlugin
    extends Object
    implements BrandingPlugin
    The Apache Felix Webconsole is not supported in Cloud environments.
    The DefaultBrandingPlugin class is the default implementation of the BrandingPlugin interface. The singleton instance of this class is used as branding plugin if no BrandingPlugin service is registered in the system.

    This default implementation provides Apache Felix based default branding as follows:

    NameProperty NameDefault Value
    Brand Name Apache Felix Web Console
    Product Name Apache Felix
    Product URL webconsole.product.url
    Product Image webconsole.product.image /res/imgs/logo.png
    Vendor Name The Apache Software Foundation
    Vendor URL webconsole.vendor.url
    Vendor Image webconsole.vendor.image /res/imgs/logo.png
    Favourite Icon webconsole.favicon /res/imgs/favicon.ico
    Main Stylesheet webconsole.stylesheet /res/ui/admin.css

    If a properties file META-INF/ is available through the class loader of this class, the properties overwrite the default settings according to the property names listed above. The easiest way to add such a properties file is to provide a fragment bundle with the file.