Interface WebConsoleSecurityProvider

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    WebConsoleSecurityProvider2, WebConsoleSecurityProvider3

    public interface WebConsoleSecurityProvider
    The Apache Felix Webconsole is not supported in Cloud environments.
    The WebConsoleSecurityProvider is a service interface allowing to use an external system to authenticate users before granting access to the Web Console.
    3.1.0; Web Console Bundle 3.1.0
    • Method Detail

      • authenticate

        Object authenticate​(String username,
                            String password)
        Authenticates the user with the given user name and password.
        username - The name of the user presented by the client
        password - The password presented by the client
        Some object representing the authenticated user indicating general access to be granted to the web console. If the user cannot be authenticated (e.g. unknown user name or wrong password) or the user must not be allowed access to the web console at all null must be returned from this method.
      • authorize

        boolean authorize​(Object user,
                          String role)
        Checks whether the authenticated user has the given role permission.
        user - The object referring to the authenticated user. This is the object returned from the authenticate(String, String) method and will never be null.
        role - The requested role
        true if the user is given permission for the given role.