Interface WebConsoleSecurityProvider2

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      • authenticate

        boolean authenticate​(HttpServletRequest request,
                             HttpServletResponse response)
        Authenticates the given request or asks the client for credentials.

        Implementations of this method are expected to respect and implement the semantics of the HttpContext.handleSecurity method as specified in the OSGi HTTP Service specification.

        If this method returns true it is assumed the request provided valid credentials identifying the user as accepted to access the web console. In addition, the USER_ATTRIBUTE request attribute must be set to a non-null object reference identifying the authenticated user.

        If this method returns false the request to the web console is terminated without any more response sent back to the client. That is the implementation is expected to have informed the client in case of non-granted access.

        request - The request object
        response - The response object
        true If the request provided valid credentials.