Interface AuthInfo

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    public interface AuthInfo
    AuthInfo instances provide access to information related to authentication and authorization of a given content session. AuthInfo instances are guaranteed to be immutable.
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      • getUserID

        @Nullable String getUserID()
        Return the user ID to be exposed on the JCR Session object. It refers to the ID of the user associated with the Credentials passed to the repository login.
        the user ID such as exposed on the JCR Session object.
      • getAttributeNames

        @NotNull String[] getAttributeNames()
        Returns the attribute names associated with this instance.
        The attribute names with that instance or an empty array if no attributes are present.
      • getAttribute

        @Nullable Object getAttribute​(String attributeName)
        Returns the attribute with the given name or null if no attribute with that attributeName exists.
        attributeName - The attribute name.
        The attribute or null.
      • getPrincipals

        @NotNull Set<Principal> getPrincipals()
        Returns the set of principals associated with this AuthInfo instance.
        A set of principals.