Class TimeDurationFormatter

  • public class TimeDurationFormatter
    extends Object
    Format a time duration as human-readable string, inspired by Stopwatch.toString().
    • Constructor Detail

      • TimeDurationFormatter

        public TimeDurationFormatter​(Locale locale,
                                     int threshold,
                                     boolean allowNonAscii)
        locale - locale for formatting (affects the decimal point)
        threshold - integral value that needs to be exceeded to switch to a certain time unit for display (e.g., specify 2 to switch to 'days' when the elapsed time is two or more days.
        allowNonAscii - set to true if the display unit can use the non-ASCII "micro" Unicode character
    • Method Detail

      • forLogging

        public static TimeDurationFormatter forLogging()
        Default formatter suitable for logging (ASCII-only)
      • format

        public String format​(long amount,
                             TimeUnit unit)
        Format the specified duration
        amount - number of time units
        unit - time unit