Interface CommitHook

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    CommitRateLimiter, CompositeHook, ConflictHook, EditorHook, EmptyHook, ResetCommitAttributeHook, VersionHook

    public interface CommitHook
    Extension point for validating and modifying content changes. Available commit hooks are called in sequence to process incoming content changes before they get persisted and shared with other clients.

    A commit hook can throw a CommitFailedException for a particular change to prevent it from being persisted, or it can modify the changes for example to update an in-content index or to add auto-generated content.

    Note that instead of implementing this interface directly, most commit editors and validators are better expressed as implementations of the more specific extension interfaces defined in this package.

    See Also:
    The commit hook mechanism
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      • processCommit

        @NotNull NodeState processCommit​(NodeState before,
                                         NodeState after,
                                         CommitInfo info)
                                  throws CommitFailedException
        Validates and/or modifies the given content change before it gets persisted.
        before - content tree before the commit
        after - content tree prepared for the commit
        info - metadata associated with this commit
        content tree to be committed
        CommitFailedException - if the commit should be rejected