Class EditorHook

    • Constructor Detail

      • EditorHook

        public EditorHook​(@NotNull
                          @NotNull EditorProvider provider)
    • Method Detail

      • processCommit

        public @NotNull NodeState processCommit​(@NotNull
                                                @NotNull NodeState before,
                                                @NotNull NodeState after,
                                                @NotNull CommitInfo info)
                                         throws CommitFailedException
        Description copied from interface: CommitHook
        Validates and/or modifies the given content change before it gets persisted.
        Specified by:
        processCommit in interface CommitHook
        before - content tree before the commit
        after - content tree prepared for the commit
        info - metadata associated with this commit
        content tree to be committed
        CommitFailedException - if the commit should be rejected