Interface LoginModuleMonitor

    • Method Detail

      • loginError

        void loginError()
        Event to be called in the case there is an error in the login chain. This is not covering failed logins, but actual operational errors that probably need to be investigated. Any triggered event should have a corresponding error logged to make this investigation possible.
        See Also:
        loginFailed(LoginException, Credentials)
      • loginFailed

        default void loginFailed​(@NotNull
                                 @NotNull loginException,
                                 @Nullable Credentials credentials)
        Marks a failed login attempt for the given Credentials that resulted in the given LoginException.
        loginException - The LoginException raised by the failed login attempt.
        credentials - The credentials used for login.
      • principalsCollected

        default void principalsCollected​(long timeTakenNanos,
                                         int numberOfPrincipals)
        Record the time taken to collect the given number of principals during the commit phase of a given LoginModule.
        timeTakenNanos - The time in nanoseconds
        numberOfPrincipals - The number of principals that were collected.