Class DefaultSyncConfig.Group

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      • Group

        public Group()
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      • getDynamicGroups

        public boolean getDynamicGroups()

        Returns true if external group identities are being synchronized into the repository as dynamic groups. In this case a dedicated DynamicMembershipProvider must be present in order to have group membership reflected through User Management API.

        Note, that currently this option only takes effect if it is enabled together with dynamic membership (i.e. DefaultSyncConfig.User.getDynamicMembership() returns true). In this case a dedicated DynamicMembershipProvider based on the ExternalGroupPrincipalProvider will be registered.

        true if external groups should be synchronized as dynamic groups (i.e. without having their members added); false otherwise. Note, that this option currently only takes effect if DefaultSyncConfig.User.getDynamicMembership() is enabled.
      • setDynamicGroups

        public @NotNull DefaultSyncConfig.Group setDynamicGroups​(boolean dynamicGroups)
        Enable or disable the dynamic group option. If turned on together with DefaultSyncConfig.User.getDynamicMembership() external group identities will be synchronized into the repository but without storing their members. In other words, group membership is generated dynamically.
        dynamicGroups - Boolean flag to enable or disable synchronization of dynamic groups.
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